From the day we arrive on the planet…

It’s my first post!  Here we go, no turning back now.  I’ve bought the domain, spent time figuring out the widgets, and I’ve dedicated to sharing my never-ending cycle of mass de-cluttering with, well, the masses.  Now I’m not talking a hoarding level of de-cluttering here (heaven knows I don’t have the stamina for that)

but instead a nice friendly, salty reminder.  Friendly because I would do this for my friends (I love going through peoples’ metaphorical shit) and salty because that is the language I will be using (not all the time, just when I would actually use this language myself.  You know, like if you were talking to me, I would actually say that word.  But enough with the intro, let’s get down to brass tacks.  (I looked it up, it is tacks not tax – word to your mother Wikipedia because I’ve been spelling it wrong for years.)

What I will be covering (or uncovering):

  • How to clean out and organize that cupboard you hope nobody looks at when they visit.
  • When to finally give up your dreams of decanting everything into separate coordinated containers.
  • Figuring out if putting laundry soap next to canned goods is really a bad idea.
  • Organizing things you never thought you would need (or want) organized (clothes hangers anyone?)
  • Finding that balance between being an organized human but still having a life (and letting those who visit you have a life as well).

Basically, I’m going to be exploring the little things that annoy us every day that, with a little organization, could make our lives a whole hell of a lot easier.  But I’ll be gentle, I promise.  Because most of the IRL posts you see will be my IRL.  (This is where you find out this blog is just a clever ploy to get my apartment organized.)

Come along, enjoy, and if you have your own questions about organization let me know.  If you just want to know more about how a ridiculously funny person could care so much about organizing, you can also find out more about me or follow me on social media – the twits, the pins, and the tubes.  Just a warning, it’s gonna get messy…then satisfactorily organized.


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