5 Ways to Find Your Damn Keys!

Keys – they are the worst!  Somehow we are always losing them.  It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and just an all over pain in the ass when you’re trying to scramble out the door when you are already 5 minutes later than the 15-minute window you gave yourself to leave the house.

Whether or not we like to admit it, losing our keys can lead to a snowball effect where we are dodging other issues all day.  Not to mention the creeping anxiety that comes from thinking you lost your keys, regardless if it’s 5 seconds or 5 minutes.  Below are five ways to help alleviate this annoying little stress that pops up at the most incovenient times (like a pimple before a wedding).

1) Use a Key Dish…and put it up high

12-13-16-bowlBefore you freak out that you don’t have a key dish, don’t worry!  A key dish isn’t something you have to buy on Amazon…though come to think it probably does exist.  It’s basically any compact dish, bowl, container that you are ok with setting out.  This should be by your front door and located on top of a table or dresser that is higher (aka one you won’t throw shit on when you walk through the front door).  Yes, this takes a bit of mind over matter but if you religiously toss your keys into this dish, then you never have to worry where you left them (they are likely where you tossed all that shit on the table… yep, right over there).  Bonus points if you change up the dish depending on your mood or season (high five for the small holly bowl acting as my key dish right now).  If a dish is to cumbersome…

2) Get a hook

Hooks are great, especially the Command Strip hooks.  My mind is slightly scattered so where I want a hook one day, might not be the same the next day.  Those things make sure I can move my crap around without sacrificing my security deposit.  No matter what hook you use, put it right by the front door or your office front door and practice mind over matter.  If you don’t have an office…

3) Always put the keys in your purse/bag/satchel/backpack/man-purse

12-13-16-bagThis is easy.  I know I say that like it’s something you are going to do everyday but it is easy if you have a designated pocket within the container of your choice that is the key pocket.  And ONLY keys can go there.  Don’t shove that once-used, bright colored lipstick that you are keeping in there just in case into that pocket.  This is your key pocket now and only your keys shall have access.  Tough luck 2 year old half-eaten Certs mints.  But if your gum wrappers have trouble with this new rule…

4) Add some bling to that key ring

Excuse my rhyming but organization just makes me giddy in the morning.  Find 12-13-16-keychainthe most obnoxious bright key chain you can and throw it on that key ring.  Since I’m a slightly over-the-top person, I thought this one was adorable.  It’s bright, you are going to see it when you are shuffling through the carnage that is your purse, and it’s a great conversation starter about this blog you are now reading called The Messy Organizer and how the author is just SO relatable (I know, I know).  If you don’t want to purchase a gaudy, bright key chain use what you already have.  How about that statement ring you wore once and sits in your jewelry caché or the beer opener you always wish you had with you when an emergency, craft beer situation happens and the brewery is just too cool to have a twist off top.  If all else fails…
5) Go digital with a Bluetooth tracker

You unorganized tech nerds out there will love this option (yes, I am one too).  You basically set it up and use the app on your Smartphone to find where the hell you put your keys last.  It still requires a bit of digging as the tile won’t crawl out of that coat pocket you last shoved your keys into but it will help.  Plus side, it will make you feel fancy af the way only high-tech things can.  screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-9-08-47-amA popular product is the Tile Mate available on Amazon (with Prime shipping available).  (Not sponsored but Tile Mate or Amazon, feel free to hit a lady up… not actually hit a lady… no, just contact me.)


So those are my five tips for keeping your head on straight when your keys go missing.  What are yours?

If you have any organization dilemmas that are driving you madder than the hatter, send me a question and I’d be happy to give my two teacups.  (Did that work… I’m going to say yes.)



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