10 Ways to Use Mason Jars

Mason jars are like the Kevin Bacon of organization – they pop up everywhere, at the oddest times, and really do a great job. And you will be stressed to find a DIY-er, organizer, home-style guru who won’t have one holding some sort of thing that used to be scattered all over a floor, drawer, or pantry. These heavyweights are the getting the job done, no nonsense, queens of the home and have been since 1858 when they were first invented. Here are 10 ways mason jars kick ass!

1) Organizing the Bathroom

The bathroom is by far the place the most little things can be rolling around.  From cotton balls to Q-tips to forgotten earrings, there can be a lot of annoyances that get shuffled around in a bathroom drawer or cupboard. Using the sultans of home organization can help wrangle those annoyances into a proper place.

2) Holding Your Lunch 

If you haven’t seen how to carry a salad to work in a Mason jar, you haven’t been on Pinterest enough. Go, find your ideal salad-in-jar combo. But basically it goes dressing on the bottom, heavier veggies (i.e. tomatoes, carrots, jicama, cheese… cheese not a veggie?) on the next layer, and leafy greens on top – and then shake, shake, shake seniora. You can either plop it onto a plate or just eat it out of the jar like I do. You can also use Mason jars to hold your liquid items, like soup, with no spill.  All hail the reigning lunch king container!

3) Organizing that Pantry 

12-15-16-mason-jar-pantryIf you want to spend your time decanting dry goods into mason jars, by all means – go for it! This isn’t my favorite idea but if you have an exposed pantry or live in a place without a lot of storage, this can be a way to make it prettier, and easier, to see what you have.

4) Organizing your Spices

I like this idea WAY better and may even do it myself, at some point, in the far away future. I don’t like traditional spice racks because more and more spices come in different sized bottles or you can get them for much cheaper in the dry goods section of most large grocery stores. The small mason jars allow you to decant, label the top, and be able to see the spice when it’s shoved in a drawer.

5) As Home Decor

12-15-16-mason-jar-vaseMason jars are having their moment and as soon as this moment goes away, we might all be scrambling to hide them in our cabinets and drawers but for now, let’s embrace this! I’ve seen them just placed around the house empty, full of random baubles, or as holders for soaps and lotions. I also love to use them as vases. My home is decidedly eclectic and not “country” feeling BUT I really like how they look in my place so unless you have an extremely modern decor, this will likely work for you too.

6) For the Kids Stuff

Kids have a lot of stuff (I’ll keep it PG but we all know the real word I wanted to use there). One way to help combat that is putting crayons, markers, paint brushes, buttons, etc. into Mason jars.  It gives you a place to put them when they are done (because let’s face it, they decimated that crayon box) and is easy to pull out when they are ready to be their cute, adorable, artist-selves.

7) As Candle Holders

12-15-16-mason-jar-lanternsTechnically this could fall under home decor but this is just too beautiful to be shoved into that category. I think mason jars were really created to hold candles, not food, in my idealistic opinion. Just be sure to use newer jars as older ones could crack from the heat (preaching from experience here).

8) In the Junk Drawer

I will be flat-out honest here – EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A JUNK DRAWER. We can’t all be perfect so don’t hold yourself to that level. Where else are you going to store your nails, safety pins, tacks, tape, pencils that are broken, and saved bread bag ties (I know you are out there). The smaller mason jars help to sort out those little things so it doesn’t become the crusades trying to find that Double A battery for your TV remote that only stops working once a year when you’re stuck on that infomercial for the rotisserie chicken.

9) To Hold Dog/Cat Treats

This falls into the, don’t decant if you don’t want too category, but the great thing about Mason jars is that they are glass. The scent does not waft through as it might with paper products and the seal stays tight, unlike some resealable plastic products. This also creates a great sound when you shake them which was basically the only way we could get our old family dog to come back to us after she went on a morning run (I grew up in the country, I was one of those kids).

10) For Canning…because duh

12-15-16-mason-jars-canningCanning is what mason jars were intended for. If you don’t know how to can, then find somebody who does (thanks mom!) and learn it. It’s a process but one that will make you feel accomplished and ready for the apocalypse… I kid, I kid.

What are your favorite ways to use mason jars? Comment below! Also, check out my Mason Jar Organization board on Pinterest (yep, I dedicated a whole board to it) for more great ideas!

Are you concerned your love of mason jars trumps your distress over that mess? Ask me a question about how to get all of that stuff into the right, perfectly sized jar.