How to Display Christmas Cards | 5 Minute Organization Tip

To create a quick and pretty display of your Christmas cards, you only need three things:

  1. Twine
  2. Thumbtacks 
  3. Clothespins

Place two thumbtacks (I like the rounded tacks) at equal height on your wall approximately four feet apart. Measure out the twine and leave about 3 inches on either end. Make a slip knot on one side (the best no BS tutorial here) and loop over the first tack. Then tie a knot around the second tack making sure the twine is taut. Clip the cards to the twine – voila!

The thumbtacks and twine will easily hold the weight of the clothespins and cards. Feel free to paint the clothespins or buy the small ornamental clothespins when they are on sale (which honestly the craft stores are always having a sale).

For this I picked a blank wall and will add rows as needed. This is something that does triple duty – it organizes your cards, displays them, and acts as decoration. Bonus – the tacks don’t leave much of a mark if you’re renting.

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