How to Clean Your Bathroom in 10 Minutes or Less

Cleaning is to organizing what broth is to risotto, sunlight is to a tree, or rum is to a pina colada – there is no point in doing it if you don’t first lay the foundation.  One of the questions I was asked recently was to help manage time expectations.  We’ve all been there.  You have 20 minutes so you think “Ok, I can get the dishes done, the laundry folded, the floor mopped, and still have time to talk to my mom on the phone.”  It doesn’t happen because we get sidetracked.  Usually, it’s because of clutter, our own brains, kids, pets, etc.  But the truth is if we focus on one task, we can get it done.

I set out to clean my bathroom in 10 minutes.  Now this isn’t a deep clean get in those corners type of clean but an “I’m expecting guests over and they can’t know I haven’t cleaned my sink in a month” type of clean.  It works and it fools you into thinking you like cleaning.

Minute 112-16-16-bathroom-cleaning

Grab your cleaning supplies.  I use toilet bowl cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, Windex, a rag, one paper towel, a Swiffer, and a Swiffer wet but feel free to use any variation of this. All of this is kept pretty close together so it takes me about 30 seconds to grab it.  (If yours isn’t, I know I will eventually talk about that later!).

Then squirt your toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl and mist down your tub, shower (moving the shower curtain out of the way), sink, and outer toilet with multi-purpose spray.

Minute 2

Before putting that Swiffer sheet on the thing-y it goes on (what is that called?) run the Swiffer along the top of the door frame, window frame, mirror, etc.  The idea with cleaning is that you always work from the top down so as things fall to the next surface, you will clean that next.

Minute 3

Spray Windex on your mirror and window and wipe down.

Minutes 4-5

Wipe down the sink and counters with your reusable rag including the base of the sink if it’s a pedestal sink.  Pivot!

Wipe down the shower/tub, including the handles and shower head (if you have both, bully for you, and this will likely take a couple more minutes).

Minute 6

Wipe down the outer toilet, including the handle and the base where dirt can collect.  Then take your toilet brush and clean the inner toilet.

Minute 7

Struggle with putting the Swiffer sheet you used to dust on the thing-y (seriously, what is that called?) and swipe quickly over floors to collect any stray hair or dust.

Minutes 8-9

Move anything on the bathroom floor out and put a Swiffer wet sheet on.  Get to scrubbing.

Minute 10 

Breath or empty the bathroom trash can you hauled out and take care of the cleaning supplies.  You g.d. did it!


Tips to help:

Keep cleaning supplies in a bucket or caddy so they are easy to get out and move around.

If you don’t have a Swiffer (what is wrong with you?!) you can use a duster, vacuum, or mop, it just might take a few more minutes.


Questions on how to invest in Swiffer stock?  I can’t help but I’m happy to answer any organization questions you might have!