How to Organize a Purse Makeup Bag: 5 Things to Have and 2 to Leave Out

Praise be to Alicia Keys for championing the #nomakeup revolution aka my daily routine. I love makeup but even at work, I was wearing it less and less. Part of this is because I upped by skincare routine so that I feel like I don’t need makeup quite as much but a solid 75% of this was because I wanted a little more sleep. However, I’d get half-way through the day and think, “Oy, I really should put something on.” Instead of hauling the duffle bag that is my entire makeup collection with me, I picked five key items.


1) CC/BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer12-16-16-makeup-bag-cc

I use the NYX CC Cream in Green because I have major red undertones in my skin. However, you can use whatever works best for your skin. I like these creams and moisturizers because they are light and have just a hint of color or cover up.

2) Pressed Powder or Finishing Powder12-16-16-makeup-bag-blotting

To set your cream and make you look finished, a powder is really a must. I use the NYX Blotting Powder in Light-Medium and am basically in love. I found this after using one of their other powder foundations that just went too fast. During my normal make-up routine, I’ll use the blotting powder plus a finishing powder, but I think this is enough for a quick makeup application or touch up.

3) Brow Pencil with Spooley Attachedscreen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-09-51-pm

There is nothing I like more than a good brow pencil and for people who are afraid of them, please, please try them! You can go as heavy or light as you want but they just add a little definition to your face. My purse makeup bag has the IT Brow Power Mini in Universal Taupe (while at home I use the Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil – I love them both). I got this from Ipsy, which for those of you addicted to makeup, can be a fun treat for yourself!

4) Mascara

This can be any mascara. I personally tend to lean towards waterproof versions but you do you! I find that suggesting mascara is difficult because everybody has their favorite. If your favorite costs over $20 though, you may want to research some cheaper options for this bag (like this or this) or do what I do and use the free samples they provide at the beauty counters during gift time.

5) The POP Factor

Everybody has a part of their face they don’t hate…ok they love it. They know that part is their thing and it should be highlighted. If you have amazing eyes pack an eyeliner or shadow that compliments them (brown eyes = dark blue, green/hazel eyes = dark purple, blue eyes = dark brown). If you have cheekbones that could cut ice, pack a highlighter/blush duo. If you, like me, have luscious lips, pack that lipstick (or 3 as in my case). What I’m loving right now? Glad you asked! For me, NYX is killing it! I’ve been wearing NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Dubai Dubai and NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama. I have also been wearing the Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm in Cherry Me for a couple of years.



1) Makeup Brushes

Ain’t nobody got time for all of those brushes getting damaged in your purse. If you need one or two for the powder or your “pop” eyeshadow, pick travel size ones in retractable cases.

2) Primers, Foundations, Etc.

These products are too gloopy and take too much time to either put on correctly or are really not 100% necessary. When you wear a full face of makeup should you wear a face primer, sure, but this bag is neither the time nor the place for fancy products. We are talking the basics people!


The good thing about all of these options is that they don’t have to be expensive!  I stopped wearing super expensive makeup a couple of years ago just for the ease of buying it at a more accessible store (like Ulta) and I haven’t regretted it. It allows me to have duplicates of what I wear most often so even days when I start out #nomakeup, I can rest easy knowing I have my organized purse makeup bag.

Frustrated that your pressed powder exploded all over the bottom of your purse?  Ask me for organization solutions here!