Office Solutions – How Does an Analog Clock Help You With Time Management?

How can something centuries old help you with work in the digital age? It can and every office, work station, cubicle, and conference room should have a good ole fashion analog clock.

I know STOP THE PRESSES! And I know what you’re thinking… “What? I don’t need this. I have clocks on my phone, tablet, and computer. I’m fiiinnnneeeee.”

Until you’re stuck in a meeting and you have no idea what time it is because it is rude to look at your phone or computer and you left your watch at home again. This happened to me at my last job often and while the meeting would go on and on, I would have no idea what time it was. I had to rely on somebody from my office saving me. So one day, while shopping at World Market (xoxo), I came across their impressive (and stylish) collection of analog clocks. Now I could casually glance across my desk to see the time and politely wrap up the meeting.

Rest assured, this isn’t to be rude! Your time is valuable and how you organize it matters. So save yourself the embarrassment and anxiety of being stuck in a meeting that goes over by 45 minutes. If your meetings happen in a conference room, sneak one into that room. No matter what, buy a clock that looks more like decor than a clock. And if you’re worried about cutting your boss off early, chances are their time is just as valuable as your own, so politely say “I see it’s 3:00 p.m., shall I start working on what we’ve been talking about?”

I love the clock pictured above from World Market. It’s only $14.99 and while the clock is compact at six inches, the numbers are large enough to see from across the room.

If the clock broke in the middle of Charlie Windbags presentation and you missed a deadline, ask me how to organize your time more effectively.