How to Organize an Evening Gym Bag

Gym bags, here we are again.  And you might be thinking, “Why are you posting separate morning and evening gym bag posts?” Here’s why – because what you need when you workout at night is mostly different than what you need in the morning.

On the plus side, evening gym worshippers don’t have to pack as much stuff as their morning peers. On the downside, they have to deal with an overcrowded gym. If you can fight your way through the jungle that is post-work fitness, then you deserve to carry a lighter load. Since you’ve already cleaned out your gym bag as I advised in How to Organize Your Morning Gym Bag, let’s get started with the basics.

The Basics

  • workout clothes
  • sports bra (for the ladies!)
  • socks
  • sneakers
  • hair elastic and/or bobby pins
  • face wipes or face wash
  • deodorant
  • combination lock

Workout clothes, sports bra, socks, and sneakers – I personally tend to bring “cuter” clothes when I go to the gym after work for the express reason that I may do something after. Now I’m not saying a fancy dinner, but there are those times that you run to the grocery store or go grab a casual drink with friends. With the new, updated workout clothes and trend towards ath-leisure, it is totally acceptable to show up in your gym gear. You might as well be wearing the cool mesh panel leggings instead of your 4 year old yoga pants. Finding these clothes is easy in a range of different budgets, from Old Navy and Forever 21 to Lulumon and Nike.

Hair elastics and/or bobby pins – This is fairly self explanatory because we all have hair, but women tend to have layers and bangs cut into their hair making just an elastic a bit of a nightmare. If you’re like me and have short hair right now, an elastic isn’t going to do you a lick of good but a well-placed bobby pin will definitely help out!

Face wipes or face wash – Dirt, sweat, and oil all lead to breakouts so adding makeup to that mix is a sure fire way to have a face full of skin issues if you don’t take it off pre-workout. You can bring your favorite face wash if you want but for this I like face wipes much better. I really love Say Yes to Cucumbers face wipes.  They are a little more expensive than some other brands, but my skin is more sensitive than a baby’s behind so I find these don’t cause any irritation. Additionally, they take off waterproof mascara and you are more likely to wipe your face down rather than run into the locker room to wash your face.

Deodorant because duh. As with the morning gym bag, I would still suggest a spray or gel deodorant in case you keep your gym bag in the car throughout the the day.

Combination lock – Just like in the morning you want to keep your valuables safe while you are working out. You could lock your stuff in your car but then you have to carry your keys with you and in case you need anything during your workout, it’s nice to have the bag close by.


The Extras

If you have room and want to treat yourself to a little extra, try fitting these into your evening gym bag.

Dry shampoo – In case you do go out for a drink or dinner after, this keeps your hair looking and smelling good. My favorite dry shampoo splurge is BB’s Pret-a-Powder. I love it because it’s a powder that comes in a well designed shaker and massages into hair really well.

Dryer sheet – Toss a fresh one in your bag to keep your clothes smelling good, especially if you throw your sneakers in the bag with your clean workout clothes.

Jewelry case – If you are somebody who wears a lot of jewelry bring a small case or fabric baggie to keep all of your baubles in one place.  I’ve had earrings go missing for weeks in the bottom of a gym bag.

Small pack of wipes – If you use your phone or headphones while you work out, it’s good to give them a bit of a wipe down.  Some natural wipes with lavender (sold at Whole Foods and other fancy stores like that) are nice because they are calming, leading you into a peaceful night.

Purse makeup bag – A small compact makeup bag is great if you’re planning on meeting up with friends or feel naked without any mascara. Keep it compact and look to my post, How to Organize a Purse Makeup Bag, for more tips.

So now that you know how to arm yourself with the right gear for a pre- and post- workout, it’s time to get to the gym, yoga studio, or fitness class.  Just breath in that smell of sweat and hope!

Have you got the gear but are struggling to fit workouts into your schedule? Ask me how to manage your time so you can sweat about one less thing while sweating it out!