Ikea Magnetic Knife Rack | Magnificent Merch


This falls into that category of not knowing you needed it until you have it. The Ikea Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack is a sleek, organizing dream come true for those of you who struggle to organize their knives. I love it because I think the big knife blocks take up so much room on a counter. Also, it makes it so easy to grab a knife and get to work.  Plus, like most things Ikea, it’s super affordable at $8.99.

Photo Courtesy of Ikea

Two warnings – attaching it to the wall can be a bit tricky so if you’re somebody who doesn’t know what a wingit or a molly bolt is, get help. (Don’t be ashamed, it took me several years of living by myself to figure this out!) Also, if you have kids, put this at an adults-only height so they don’t hurt their tiny little bodies on the big knives you’re showing off.

Just look how good it looks in this Ikea stock photo? Visions of organizing are dancing in my head this holiday season!

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