Influencer of the Week – Rachel Talbott

This week I cannot stop watching Rachel Talbott. I try so hard only to be sucked right back in! Rachel (we’re on a first-name basis, obvs) is like that friend you have who is perfect – great hair, glowing skin, wonderful family, super happy, stylish, and the list goes on and on. Despite how that usually makes me go to the next video immediately (as I will never be that perfect), I really started to enjoy Rachel’s videos after just a few. She puts thought into her content and, moreover, she makes a lot of her cleaning products, masks, and DIYs herself.  You’ve got to respect a gal who will spread mashed avocado all over her face and put it on video.


The first video I watched of hers was the Closet Organization Tips & Tour (of course). This video was recommended from another video, as the rabbit hole of YouTube goes. Obviously, her organization prowess got me right away and she has several videos where she showcases this talent in her sweet and slightly giggly way.


I also really adore her skincare/haircare videos. I’m fairly certain this is how she got her start (and she does have a blog but doesn’t post as often as she used too). She does some product placement but she also spends a good amount of time making her own scrubs and masks which I can appreciate having super sensitive skin. Her recent Winter Pamper Routine video was really great to combat the drying effects of winter. Most products that she uses are fairly easy to come by as well, so it’s a welcome change from some DIY products that you basically need to fly to Tibet to get that rare flower.


Finally, she does a great focus on gifts and home decor as well, with a bit of a focus on event planning in her videos. She is considered a “lifestyle” content creator so basically her videos run the gambit of what applies to her life. However, her delivery in each video keeps in focus so you know exactly what each video is going to be about.  Her video on Last Minute Party Prep Tips & Tricks is really lovely and includes some great hacks to make your guests feel welcome.

If you have gone and watched some of these videos while reading this blog, don’t worry if you feel you will never be THAT perfect. I felt the same way when I started watching Rachel’s videos, but once my anxiety attack subsided, I realized I was using many of her tips in my life. I mean I just slapped a DIY sugar scrub on my face so…


All images are courtesy of the super impressive and organized Rachel Talbott. You can follow RT on a bunch of social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram.  B-T Dubs, her husband is also a content creator who has amazing recipes on his channel and they have a son who is the cutest thing ever. How dare you be so perfect Talbott family!

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